Title Sponsor




•       Philadelphia Hospitality Signature tour for 20 participants

•       Category exclusivity

•       Premium seating for 15 for dinner & reception

•       Remarks at Award Dinner

•       Naming Rights to Military Reunion Banquet for a visiting military active, retired veteran travel club


•       Sponsorship of  ENCORE* program for members offering interactive cultural experiences for underserved communities

•       Verbal recognition during program

•       Logo in prominent position on website event page with hyperlink to website

•       Logo placement on Step & Repeat, which will serve as a backdrop for press photos

•       1 Full Page color ad in program book/priority

•       Announcement on all social media channels

(18,000 tax-deductible)

*Art-Reach’s ENCORE program presents immersive art experiences designed to engage people with disabilities and/or low-income communities. ENCORE embraces the shift from passive observer of the arts to active participant in creative work to deepen the cultural experience.