Philadelphia Hospitality is a 501(C)3 founded in 1982 by a group of prominent civic and community leaders who were confident that tourism would be pivotal to the region’s economic growth. 

They also recognized the need for effective marketing of the region’s extraordinary cultural and historical treasures. From these discussions, Hospitality Philadelphia Style was born. Ten years later the name was changed to Philadelphia Hospitality.

The organization’s goal was and still is, to attract associations — cultural, corporate, and professional groups — to Philadelphia, and introduce them to the city’s wealth of world-class museums, historical sites, and horticultural attractions.

The Philadelphia Hospitality founders realized the need to provide something truly unique. The concept of offering private access as part of each tour was decided as the sure way to set the organization apart. They enlisted their friends, family, and colleagues who were avid art and antique collectors and horticultural enthusiasts to open their homes. This exclusive access remains the hallmark of Philadelphia Hospitality’s programming.