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Philadelphia Region’s Cultural Tourism Industry”

2018 Philadelphia Flower Show: Wonders of Water

The 2018 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show will showcase the extraordinary plants, creativity and talent of this region’s top horticulturists and designers along with award winning landscape and floral designers.

The Flower Show is a top destination and “must experience” horticultural event, attracting 250,000 visitors annually to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, a showcase of excellence that dates back to 1829.

Experience Philadelphia as never before.

Philadelphia Hospitality invites you to come, learn and immerse yourself in another Philadelphia. We specialize in designing tours for cultural, corporate and professional groups interested in art, history and horticulture who want a cultivated experience. We feature both the public side of our city through behind-the-scenes tours of our world-renowned treasures and its private side through visits to private homes, art collections and gardens.

Our services include creating multi and single day itineraries, securing hotel reservations, arranging group arrival, departure and event transportation, scheduling private lectures and making dining reservations.

We’ve hosted travelers across the nation and around the world. We invite you to experience Philadelphia as never before.

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2017 Vision For Philadelphia Award Gala

Philadelphia Hospitality was honored to present Paul R. Levy with the prestigious 2017 Vision for Philadelphia Award at our Award Gala on Monday, October 23, 2017. It was a wonderful evening that paid tribute to Paul’s exceptional achievements in civic leadership, urban transformation and revitalization benefiting Center City, Philadelphia.

We Open Doors To Another Philadelphia

We custom design innovative tours offering behind-the-scenes tours and exclusive access to the Philadelphia region’s cultural and historical assets.  A sampling of our unique programs include:

•    Behind-the-scenes tours of our world-renowned cultural and historical treasures
•    Entree to our city’s elegant private clubs, beautiful homes, exquisite gardens and, antiques and art collections
•    Personal visits with distinguished Philadelphians

We provide expert guides, scholars and artists to lead the way through every step of your journey with insights specifically tailored to your interests that elevate your experience.

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