Make Life Easier

We’ll book your hotel, recommend and make dining reservations and schedule ground transport and for you so you can enjoy.

Get Private Access

Through us you’ll gain behind-the-scenes private access to our world-class museums, premium attractions, iconic treasures and hidden gems.

Optimize Your Time

We make recommendations based on your budget and your preferences so you can get the most out of your time and budget.


We create all inclusive, seamless one day excursions and multi-day experiences.

Areas of Special Interest


Best-in-Class Museums


America’s iconic treasures


From the historic to the modern to the row home


Garden Capital of America

Masonic Temple of Philadelphia

Sacred Spaces

Religious Sites and Holy Grounds

Public Art

Murals, statutes and works of art

How It Works

First, you’ll connect with one of our locally-based, experienced tour planners. You’ll let them know when you’re coming, what you want to see and do, how many are in your group, etc. Believe me, we’re really good listeners.

Next, they’ll take what you’ve said and start customizing an itinerary. We’re not just tour operators, we’re in the memorable experiences business. Creative and novel ideas, special access to Philadelphia treasures and world-class customer service. We’re good at what we do.

Associations, cultural, corporate, professional and special interest groups are our thing.

Why we are different: we create seamless all-inclusive tours. Connect with a tour planner.

Book a Personalized Tour

Create a unique experience you’ll remember for a lifetime. We’re a full-service tour operator with unmatched insider’s access to Philadelphia’s cultural and historical treasures and hidden gems. We’ll personalize your itinerary so you get the most out of your experience based on your interests and your budget. Get into museums before they open. Participate in exclusive docent-led tours. See one of a kind private art collections.

We provide:
Hotel recommendations and booking
Dining suggestions and reservations
Experts and guides
Access to residences to enjoy period homes, exquisite gardens, antique and art collections
Ground transportation for group arrival and departure or individuals
Concierge services for sporting events and performances.

Create memories that last a lifetime. Get in touch today.

Why Dot Org?

Philadelphia Hospitality is more than a tour operator. The “dot org” represents our decades long history of promoting the Philadelphia region as a premier destination for cultural and historical travel. Securing group visits support community and economic development, specifically as it speaks to the hospitality and tourism industry. Additionally, we are able to offset expenses of military active, retired veteran travel clubs journeying here by providing concessions not readily available to them.

Contact us for more information.

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