Since 1982

We have welcomed over 500 cultural, corporate and professional groups to Philadelphia and its countryside.

Our innovative programs, specially designed to suit the interests of our clients, include behind-the-scenes tours of our world-renowned cultural and historic treasures and personal visits with distinguished Philadelphians. The hallmark of a Philadelphia Hospitality program is behind the scenes access to one-of-a kind experiences for your group.

We can handle the details so that you can be there for your clients and guests. Our first-rate staff custom designs each event or tour to your needs and meticulously manages every aspect to ensure the highest quality and provide you with a worry-free experience.

Philadelphia is filled with incredible experiences not available to the public. From people to places, Philadelphia Hospitality knows them. With our connections, your clients and guests will enjoy rare behind-the-scenes access to special sites, private homes and collections, knowledgeable insiders and once-in-a-lifetime events.

Most others simply can’t offer the extras we include as a matter of course. Once you add them all up — lectures, meals, transfers, gratuities, behind-the-scenes access, and unexpected luxuries—you’ll know you’re getting more than you pay for.